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Jon's Goal for Simplification is met with RRR Construction


"The thing that was most important to us in hiring a contractor was seeing that the contractor followed the calendar and did what he said he was going to do.  Demolition started when they said, the subcontractors came when they said,  We never had an issue.  I believe we had 8 subcontractors and every one came to work as scheduled.  During the construction a 3-day change was made to the schedule and I was given advanced notice.  Actually, if my memory serves me, they were 2 days ahead of schedule.

Here is another example of the professionalism I experienced with RRR Construction Company.  If you call RRR Construction on any morning during the business week, you get a phone call back that day.  You don't know how important that is until you talk with other people about their experiences with other contractors. 

Another thing is how the mess from construction was kept to a minimum.  I was most impressed that Leif sends his carpenters to training so they are kept up to date on their skills and industry standards.  RRR Construction pays for the training.   Toby, the head carpenter, talked directly with me.

The configuration of our kitchen was designed for our needs for simplification.  We put up an entertainment center in the kitchen.   We modified storage of overhead cabinets to lower.  We added 'cubby' holes that continue to make our lives simpler.

The process of working with RRR Construction was simple and respectful.   We had cabinetry that needed to be recycled.  RRR Construction helped me go a little more 'green'.

I recommend RRR Construction for the quality of work and on-time schedule for anyone interested in simplifying their lives."


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